Hamstring Injury + Cycling….

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I’ve pulled my hamstring and the pain has finally started to die down, i can’t sprint on it but i can slightly jog.
What i’ve noticed though, is that weirdly, I can cycle without feeling any pain.

Does anyone know, if carry on cycling, would it help the recovery process? Build up the muscle a bit?

Thanks for anyone that can help.
Grant Clements
100m Sprinter

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    Good good, thanks for the info, it’s greatly appricated.
    Grant Clements
    100m Sprinter


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    If it doesn’t hurt then there shouldn’t be a problem with cycling. Muscles need exercise to flush blood through them so they get the oxygen and nutrients they need.

    If you intend sprinting then you should definately get it treated with sports massage – also look into dynamic stretching.


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