Hamstring Injury.

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I play semi-pro soccer, I damaged my Hamstring while pre-season training. I rested / rehap for 2 weeks before returning to play only for it to pull again. I then rested again and and just returned again only to twinch it again.
Should I wait until there is totally no pain in it what so ever before I resume playing or should I expect some pain initially when I return to playing? How can I tell if the injury becomes chronic and how can I treat it if so?
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    many thanks…I will give it a go.
    It has been 1 week now, I have have sports massage and applied heat every day. When can I start strengthening / stretching. What is the best exercise ro stretch the mid-hamstring area.


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    i reckon get in touch with michael owen and ryan giggs, they might empythise.


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    Rest alone is not enough. You need to return the muscle to original length and condition as much as possible through sports massage and stretching, then strengthen it up.

    Strengthening should be gradually progressed through to football specific exercises.

    Simply resting then returning is likely to cause problems. You will have tight knots in the muscles which will be weak spots unless sorted.

    Have a look at:

    You will find rehab and massage info there.


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