hamstring injury

I am a regular bike rider, both stationary and traditional.
I ride for about an hour and stretch for five minutes before and after.
This weekend I subjected myself to other activities, notably dancing and moving furniture.
I have been bothered since by severe cramps in the back of either leg when I sit or lie down, aand this morning I noticed a large black bruise on the back of my left leg just above the knee.
Ideas? Treatments?

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    May PT

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    Bruising is a sign of some sort of internal injury and bleeding. Sounds like you tore some of the tissue where the hamstring attaches to the back of the knee. Apply ice to reduce pain and swelling as much as every hour for 15-20 minutes. Do gentle stretches to prevent scar tissue from shortening the tissue. Easy exercises for now like lying on your back and bending your knee…straight leg raises, standing knee curls. I would not bike if it hurts, give it a chance to rest. Increase your activity as tolerated by your pain. Listen to your body! Good luck. Mya


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