Hamstring Pain, Cyclist

I’m a cyclist who normally trains/races about 10-12 hours a week.
I’ve had a dull hamstring pain in my right leg for a year now.
It does not hurt much at all when I’m riding but one or two days later it is sore.
I’ve tried taking up to 3 weeks off and the pain returns when I start up again.
I’ve been referred to an orthopedist and had several tests: CT scan, MRI, Bone Scan, and then a second MRI (this time with contrast and fat suppression).
They do not show what the problem is. At first I thought it was several small tears (because the pain is spread over several areas of the right hamstring).
Then I thought maybe it was in the bone (bone scan ruled that out).
I’ve done a lot of reading and talking to doctors and (although the docs won’t officially diagnose it this way) I’m now guessing it is scar tissue…MRI should have picked that up I guess so still it’s up in the air.
The reason I think it is scar tissue is when I massage the muscles, I can isolate the pain to certain muscle bundles and there I can feel rough spots like tiny scabs or fibers that are NOT present on my left leg.
I’m in physical therapy now where I am doing easy cardio on a stationary bike, ultrasound, massage therapy, and light leg presses.
It’s been about two and a half weeks of that and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.
I’ve also tried adjusting the geometry of my bike, and my position on the bike.
I’m at my wit’s end and desperately hoping someone out there can help me out.

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    You have sciatica. I had/have the exact same thing. Do a lot of back stretches and exercising and it will get better.


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