Hamstring Pull, doesnt fit sungly into any category described on site, what should I do?

Hey, I pulled my hamstring in a track meet last night, I was just wondering on some suggestions for treatment, as I have Some “Grade 2” Symptoms and some “Grade 1” symptons as specified on the site…

From the page:

Grade 1: What does it feel like?

You might have tightness in the thigh.
You may be able to walk properly.
You probably won’t have much swelling.
Lying on your front and trying to bend the knee against resistance probably won’t produce much pain.

Grade 2: What does it feel like?

You probably cannot walk properly.
You may get occasional sudden twinges of pain during activity.
You may notice swelling.
Pressing in causes pain.
Bending the knee against resistance causes pain.
You might be unable to fully straighten the knee.

Like In grade 1 I have a little tightness in the thigh, and there isn’t much if any swelling, and bending the knee, although not an easy task, causes no real pain. I can walk under my own power but by no means properly, and i need to use railings to get up stairs. That kind of transitions into grade 2 as I cannot walk ‘properly’, also Pressing In causes pains, but like I said no real swelling and I certainly can bend the knee fully straight, I’ve left it fully extended for virtually the entire time since I stepped off the track.


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    grade 2 strains are classified as approximately 50% of the muscle fibre being torn, if it were this there would be significant swelling, pain with isometric contraction and stretching, also a diminished reflex (the hamstrings have one)
    so it sounds like you on the grade 1 side more than 2, for the time being i would ice the crap out of it and take it easy so it can heal properlly in a couple days switch to heat and light range of motion exercise.
    hope that helps some!


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