Hamstring surgery? Help PLEASE

I have had a severe tear in my hamstring since February and every time i move for the simplist reasons, like rolling over in bed, it pops and re-opens. Yesterday it was about the 8th time. I have barely been able to walk since February, forget any kind of sports. Right now, it’s so bad that i only get out of bed to come to this chair for the computer, then i get back to bed. I’m on 800mg motrin and 1/4 to 1/2 vicodin and still…it feels like I haven’t taken any painkillers. It stings so badly. I’ve seen 6 doctors, 2 PTs, a chiro, a massage therapist and a sports doctor. All of them were puzzled why it keeps happening. I’m paying $90 a week for treatments (ultrasound, TENS and massage), I’m eating SO well, but still, it’s like day 1! Is there a surgery that I could get? Muscle graft or just reattaching the muscles? The MRI just said a tear, it didnt say complete avulsion but i cant go on like this. Please give me any info at all that you have. Anything. Thank you.

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