Hand Pain – help/advice please…

Whenever I grab or grip something with my thumb, index, and middle finger I get a sharp pain in the back of my left hand and between my index and middle finger. (i.e when I button my pants). In addition the hand feels weak when I attempt to grab things. The pain is focused mainly around the bone in the back of the hand right behind the first nuckle of the index finger.

I do not have numbness or other classic symptoms of Carpel Tunnel and generally the hand does not hurt unless I use it in the above manor.

I first experienced the pain about 2 summers ago after golfing about 14 rounds in a week. I iced down the hand regularly until the golf season ended in October. When I started playing again this past March I had no pain at all and it took until the end of this season for it to come back. The pain was not as bad as last year.

I last golfed at the end of October but I still have this pain but it appears to have gotten worrse. In the past, I only felt pain when I golfed now I feel it whenever I grip something as mentioned above. Any thoughts?


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