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hi, i’m a regular mountain biker and almost 3 weeks ago i went on a day trip with some friends. my problem is my right hand. my 3 right fingers (pinky, ring, and middle finger) are having some serious issues and I find it very difficult to squeeze my fist into a ball (those 3 fingers ache like crazy and i usually can’t hold the grip). the pain is behind the knuckles in my lower fingers and into my hand. my hand seems kind of swollen too in that area between the base of your pinky to your wrist, fleshy palm area. it’s been 3 weeks now and i’ve obviously pulled something, but it seems to be getting more painful.. to the point where my job is becoming difficult (web developer).

i got the injury from hand brakes most likely.. anyone had some experience with this sort of injury?

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    Tendonitis? I’m not sure if you can get that in your hands and fingers, but it may be a possibility because it is an overuse injury.


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    You might want to try a new product. Hot/Cold Finger Therapy Wrap. It’s used at NY Presbyterian Hospital and the Mayo
    Clinic. It’s reusable and you can put it in the freeer and/or microwave. Send an email to: for more info.


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