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I play baseball and continue to jam by little finger when I slide, is there some type of glove or splint that could be worn when running the bases that would protect my fingers? I see the pros putting on some sort of velcro wrap but I can’t seem to find anything? Thanks,

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    : Thanks,Bill, I have worked with college baseball over the years. We used to use a velcro strap that would keep the fingers together, but it is really just a fancy replacement for plain old white athletic tape. All you need to do is get some white “Trainer’s Tape” from any sporting goods store. It is usually 1 1/2 inch wide, so just split it about 1/3 of the width. Now it will be the correct width for you to use to “Buddy Tape” your ring finger and small finger together. Tape above and below the finger joints, not over the joint. If you have trouble getting the tape to stick during games (due to sweat, rain, etc), you can buy some “Benzoin” from any pharmacy. It is a small, inexpensive, bottle of a skin adherent, which will make your fingers sticky,so the tape will stay in place. Use a Q-tip to put it where you will place the tape. Many professional teams use this same exact technique. Let us know how it works out, and good luck.


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