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okay I went to regular dr. about a hard lump on the left upper part of my neck and she said was just my bone and that my muscle mass is probaly different on that side and that is why I feel it. well I continued to worry so I went to ent and he also said it was bone and part of the transverse process?? or something like that. can anyone ease my fears and tell me why I can feel this the interent had me freaking about cancer. please help



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    I agree with DC student. Get a X-ray, CT or an x-ray. Quite a few lymph nodes in this area and cause me a little concern but can’t imagine two doctors missing this. Hodgkins/non Hodgkins is a possibility but unlikely.

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    Actually you shouldn’t be able to feel your transverse process (TPs) in your neck. They are on the front of the neck and pretty darn deep, under the SCM. You shouldn’t try to feel them to much as your spinal nerves run through them as well as your vertebral artery. On the back of the neck under a few muscles you can feel the articlar pillars, or zygopopheseal joints, by starting at the posterior spinous and then taking your hand away from your spine and pushing forward at the same time. It is likely not cancer but you could ask for an X-ray or CT from a MD or DC just to ease our fears. Your feelings are what matter most.


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