hard knot on side of knee

Unfortunately, my family suffers from a lot of knee problems and my kids have not been left out.
Today, my daughter developed a hard knot on the inside of her right knee.
There is no bruising or redness that I can see.
The pain has been brought to a tolerable level using Ibuprophen 600mg but the swelling is staying the same.
I have never seen this kind of swelling before.
I am use to only seeing soft swelling. Do you know what this could be and should I let her rest a few days or does it sound more urgent? She does not remember anything she did that could have injured her knee recently. No falling, hitting it on something etc….. Thank you

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    Well I had the same thing but on the front of my knee I ended up having surgery on both knees and now have another knot it just makes doing things harder, I have two little kids. I would have her knee looked at it could be a small tumor, thats what mine were it could actually, if its like mine have like little vanes and wrap around her tindent. Have it looked at it would be better than when she hit 30 or 40 not being able to walk, my doctor said that would happen to me anyway from the damage to my tindent, because to remove it he has to cut into the tindint below the knee cap


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