Has anyone else suffered from knee pain on the inside of knee

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About four months ago I was on the cross trainer working out and managed to pull something on the inside of my knee. It has not been the same since. If I am on it for too long there will start to become an uncomfortable pressure, it has given way on me, and now it make a snapping noise when bent. Any suggestions? Has anyone else delt with anything like this and what did you do?

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    Turns out i tore my meniscus twice. I was doing great and then I got into an accident about a month ago. I went to slam on the brake and now I think i may have tore it again. I get the pain again but so far not as bad as it was orinally.


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    Had pains on the insides of my knees for a while, no snapping, but Very painful when running up stairs, hills or jumping.

    Turned out it was flat feet causing patella maltracking. See a podiatrist. If it isn’t flat feet then at least you may have eliminated one possibility. Hope this helps.


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