Have I gone too far?

Hi everyone,

I sprained my ankle about 9 weeks ago playing basketball (probably 2nd degree). I did see a doctor and he told me to rest.
However, I went back to playing the next week. My competition is weekly, and I haven’t missed a game. So since my injury, my rest pattern has been like 6 days of rest, then playing on a Sunday, then another 6 days of rest, then playing on a Sunday and so on.

I find that it is still a little bit swelled now, and it definitely does not look like my other ankle. I can’t run as fast as I could before nor jump off the sprained ankle. I feel a bit of pain when I try to play.

My question is, have I done some permanent injury to it? Am I going to perform like this for the rest of my life? Will surgery help? What if I start resting from now on? Will that help?

I would greatly appreciate everyone’s input.

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