I started running about 18 months ago. I ran for about 8 months without any running knowledge. A lack of stretching and a properly defined training plan lead to eventual injury in my left knee. I combination of slight overpronation, leg-length descrepency and tightness lead to left ITBS. I tried to run a 10 mile race through this and did a lot of damage. I am still suffering from some aches now.

I built up my training from 2K a week in August to 20K by January and then set about a steady training schedule building up to the marathon. However, I find that after any run of longer than 40 minutes on any surface, my heal will begin to ache after cooldown. There is no aching during the run. After a long run on the road the pain is severe enough to cause a limp although such pain normally goes with 24 hours.

The pain appears on the outside of the left heal, approximately where the achilles attaches to the heal. Even when the pain subsides, the area is tender when pressed. It is very localised and is not accompanied by prelonged aching. The pain also appears when I extend the foot, compressing the heal area. I don’t believe it is Achilles Tendinitis as I have relatively good flexibility and no movement problems or grinding/clicking. I do notice a ‘tearing’ feeling whilst stretching the heal on a stair to its extreme. But this pain subsides almost instantly when the stretch is released.

I have yet to find any specific injury that has these symptoms – any ideas anyone?

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    Sounds like a classic case of plantar fasciitis to me. I injured my heel 3 months ago through hockey. This injury crept up on me over a series of weeks/months until it got so bad that I could not even walk. Its been 3 months and although the physio I’ve had has helped alot, I am still experiencing heel pain and especially tenderness in the affected area. Its most painful in the morning after getting up. There are loads of reference sites on the net, simply type in “plantar fasciitis” in any decent search engine like Google or Yahoo and you’ll get lots of advice on how to treat it. Good luck


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