Heel callus’s and pain from sports

I have been playing sports my entire life, approximately 20 years from low end sports to professional soccer.
At 25, I had taken some time off of playing soccer for about 2 years, and now at almost 28 I am getting back into it.
I’ve run into my shoes and playing soccer in general cause my feet pain and calluses on my heels.
I can only play for about 20 minutes, if that, until it is unbearable and I can barely walk.
I have tried insoles and even other shoes, but nothing seems to work.
I’ve heard of healcups but havn’t had a chance yet.
It doesn’t seem to do this as much when I run with running shoes.
I went online and looked up possibilties for this and what came back was Haglund’s deformity or Heel spurs.
I never had this type of problem and I simply can’t do without sports especially soccer.
I am quite saddened by this pain and perdictament. Any advice?
treatments or thoughts?anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.kevin

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