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Several years back I suffered from a torn Plantar Facisa… I found a pair of Ridid heel cups advertized in American Legion Magazine… I have apparantly lost those particular Ridgid Heel Cups and have tried so many in the last three months that are semi rigid, soft,waffled along with Orthotics and Dr Schools inserts of various kinds and cannot get any relief. I blieve if I could locate a pair of Redig Heel Cups, I could begin to amulate. Currently I can hardly stand and walking is a misery… Can you or anyone direct me to a purchase of RIDIG HEEL CUPS?? Thank you for any consideration!

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    Actually, rigid heel cups used to be the best ones, but now the ones with the “waffle design” are the gold standard. I would recommend that you try to find a pair of “Tuli’s Heel Cups”. They are often sold in drug stores in the “foot product” section. They are also often sold in sporting goods stores. Buy the “Professional Model” if it is availible. I think the color is green. If you have trouble finding them, just call any local Physical Therapy clinic and they can probably tell you where to find them in your area. Make sure you buy the correct size heel cups, as they go by a person’s weight…unless you are a very large person/athlete, you would probably wear the “regular”. You have to put them in both shoes, and wear them all the time…if you change shoes, make sure you have a heel cup in those shoes. You should see results within 72 hours.


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