heel fracture

I broke both my heels falling down the stairs,I’m only 40.
I had no surgery,was non dislocated, but wore casts 12 weeks non weight bearing. I go to physical therapy next week, I started using a walker taking a few steps about 4 days ago. My question is when I take a few steps it really hurts, it feels like you have deep bruises. Is this pain normal and when does it start getting better? Also do I continue walking with the pain until I can’t bare it and sit down? Thank You!!!!!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Assuming your fractures have healed enough to support weight bearing, there will be some transitional discomfort expected. The physical therapist should be able to help you as far as how much you should push yourself. Each patient has different tolerance for a situation. The therapist working with you should have a better insight into your needs. Good luck.


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