heel fracture

I fell off a roof and fractured my calcaneus 6 weeks ago. It was an open fracture medially where the ladder fell on my foot. I had 2 I and D’s on day 1 and 3 followed by ORIF on day 10 due to swelling. The surgeon said the surgury went well with him reducing 2 pieces. He said the cartilage was reasonably good (?). I’m now 36 days out from that surgury and in a removable boot doing mon weight bearing exercises 3x daily. My concern is when I get up my foot instantly m swells and I have to raise it. How long (I know it would be a guesstimate)will this continue. I would like to sometime be off the couch or bed. IOs there anything I can do to help. Also, I can flex my foot dring my exercises (he wants me to work on my achilles) but my circular motion is almost nil. He said its hard to get much results until I can put weight on it. He plans this at week 10 (4.5 weeks from now) What Can I expect at first and long term. He says probably pretty good because I’m only 50, previous very active, non smoker.. What do you think? Thank you

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    I fell 20 feet and shattered my heel on October 23,2011 and it still hurts so bad everyday I want to cry.


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