Heel Pain

My 15 year old son just started football workout and after a week he is complaining about pain on the inside of his heels and the back of his heels. He recenlty got new cleets medium high. This happened to him for the last two years. After a couple of weeks it goes away. Any ideas what it could be?

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    this has happened to me, it hurt so bad I could barley walk. does your son have flat feet (no arch on his foot)? if he does, go see a foot doctor and tell them whats going on, for somthing right now, buy a pair of insoles with ALOT of padding in the heel, try to get heel insoles or gel insoles… It may be a bruised heel, that what mine was and after about a week that pain went away and I haven’t had any pain in my heel in 2 years, hope this helps.


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