Heel Pain

I have been having pain in my right heel for months.
I have had platars facsitis (heel spur) before and this is completely different.
I sit at a desk most of the time at my job.
While I do have some pain during the week.
The weekends are much, much worse because I am on my feet more.
My heel hurts more when lifted as if to take a step or if I cross my legs.
It does not matter what posotion my ankle is in ie. foot flexed or not.
When the foot is taken off the floor, it feels as if it has a weight attached, pulling the flesh/tissue away from the bone.
It actually feels heavy.
It also burns like a blowtorch has been placed to it.
Ironically if I place my foot back on the floor or stand it eases the pain. Any ideas wheat this could be.?

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    Terry I have to exact symtoms you do. Have had any answers to to your request for info since June?. I wish I could help but the only I can find leads me to thinks its an Achilles tendent problem, but I’m not sure. Any info you send me will be great!


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