heel pain

Last May I had a laser procedure for a heel spur on my right foot.
When we originally discussed this my dr. said the laser would shatter the spur and the fragments would then be absorbed.
I have suffered with acute pain in the foot since the procedure (almost 6 mo.) The doctor now says the lasar is done to the facia (sp) and that this should have diminshed the pain.
I can hardly walk, still can’t put my orthodics back in my shoes, and the limping is causing other problems.
The last time I went I had a cortisone shot.
Still severe pain.
It is painful to walk, it gets worse I go thru the day, and sometimes even sitting a wave of severe pain will go thru the area.
I also take 75 mg Voltaren 2X/dayI just need to have something done but don’t really trust this doctor to do it!
Any ideas?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am sorry you are still having heel pain. This can sometimes be very difficult. I am not familiar with using a “laser” for this problem, so I can’t comment. If what you had done was a shock wave treatment (Ossatron, for example) then you need to discuss it with your doctor. If you are uncomfortable then request your records and get another opinion.


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