heel pain after lisfranc fracture

I am now 10 weeks after a lisfranc fracture, which eventhough I managed to do considerable damage to many bones and a capsule I fortunately didn’t injure any ligaments to the extent that I needed any surgery.
Though as some joints have been fractured future fusions surgery has not been ruled out.
I am still getting pain on walking (I am in a jogger for another 2 months). I was non weight-bearing for 6 weeks and then in a walking boot for 2 weeks slowly weight bearing.
I am experimenting with different inner soles for my shoes for comfort at the moment.
I have a pronated foot and am now getting used to wearing the arch support in my shoe.After a few hours of walking around I notice that I get extrememly sore heels in the late afternoon.
Tbey burn and ache and I find it hard to walk and stand.
Could you please explain this reason to me.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without seeing and examining your foot I can not be specific. My guess includes the fact that you pronate and the plantar fascia is getting fatigued after a while. A soft orthotic may not control this that well. A rigid custom orthotic might be a better idea. Did you have less pain when you were immobilized in the cast boot?


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