Heel Pain- Can’t figure out why.

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Hi Dr. Abrams, I am hoping you can help me here.
I’ve been having heel pain as long and I can’t remember when it started, it was probably during my teen years, I am 20 now.
My heels have been hurting.
It’s really bad when I stand too long, and I can feel them throbbing. I don’t seem to have the symptoms of plantar faciatitis, or any other foot problems that are common (I looked this up in a library).
Could heel pain be caused by weak muscles?
I noticed my feet fall in a little bit, and I had a “minor” problem with weak muscles when I was little.
I know being overweight can also cause foot pain, but I am not. I have minimal insurance also, so if you can suggest anything at home, that would be wonderful. I am not asking for a diagnosis, just a little directon.
Thank you very much.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    These are some initial thoughts that come to mind. By no means is this a complete overview, but simply a suggestion based on the information given. If you go around barefoot on hard floors, this could be one cause. The anatomy of your foot could be a cause. There could be some type of congenital anomaly present. There could be a type of nerve entrapment or possibly tarsal tunnel syndrome. There could be a bone cyst. There could be a referred pain from the low back. There can also be referred pain from a rheumatoid like condition known as ankylosing spondylitis.As far as suggestions go, I really do recommend you see a podiatrist for evaluation and recommendations.


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      Thank you Dr. Abrams, I really appreciate your advice. You seem like a very kind woman that actually cares about your patients. As for my foot pain, I am going to call around and see if I can get a good rate at a place near me. Thanks very much!


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