Heel pain in my 7 year old daughter

My daughter is a 7 years old and has been playing soccer for two years.
I recently noticed her limping on the field and when I question her she said her heel hurt.
We figured it was a wrinkle in her sock or from the foot strap on her shin guards, but soccer season is over and her heel still hurts.
She says it only hurts when she puts pressure on it.
The sides don’t hurt even when you squeeze, just the entire surface of her heel.
Any suggestions??

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    Many times, this is an inflammation of the growth plate in the heel, or calcaneal apaphysitis. This can be treated many times with ice, rest, Children’s Motrin and heel cushions. There are variations of these treatments, but usually, the child outgrows this when the growth plate closes.Check out the different heel cushions on these various web sites. I like the silicone shock absorbing kind. Good luck. Vivian A, DPM


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