Heel Slippage

Why do my heels slip in my running shoes?
It feels like the back of my heel is going to lift out of the shoe unless I lace my shoes up extremely tight…
Is this normal?
Do I just have small heels and have to live with it?
Would heel cups help?
The heel slip is really apparant when running up hill.
I’ve tried on several types of running shoes and this happens in all of them…

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    Hi, sorry for the double post. I have a problem with heel slippage and I have tryed several types of running shoes. I have narrow feet and have tryed everything. I am acually running in NB 991 in a size 13 2A. Even these narrow shoes cause slippage and I have to tie them so hard that my foot sometimes goes to sleep. Is there anything else I can try? I have tried all forms of lacing. The only technique that has worked for me somewhat is putting the lace in from the outside in on the last holes. This seems to creat enough friction to lock the laces. It lets me isolate the pressure on just the top of my foot.


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