Heel / Achillies Tendon pain

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My wife, Becky, has been having sharp pain in her heels for over a year, much more painful on the left than the right foot.
She has tried all the standard stuff her Doctor recommended, iceing, heat, stretching, different shoes, etc.
None of it has worked.
Apparently she has short and fairly non-elastic Achillies tendons.
The Doctor now suggests surgery to lengthen the tendons, but we are unable to find anyone who has found noticable relief from this surgery. (The Doctor has not been helpful in this endevor) One gentleman states he heard, after his surgery, that it is about 50-50 on having any noticable relief.Any information anyone has would be very appreciated!Bob


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    As I have not examined her I can not comment on this. I think it might be a good idea to ask for copies of your records (politely) and get a second opinion. If the 2nd doctor agrees with the first, but you still have concerns, get yet another opinion. It’s your body.


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    The doctor has recommended surgery for my left foot, where I have a knot on my left heel and he wants to move the achillies tendon down and reattache it to the big two muscle. Have you ever heard of this? I would love to here from someone. Please help me!


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