heel / ankle pain

Pain started several months ago.
I have tried every foot cushion and heel cushion out there.
Changed the type of shoes.
My left foot starts to go numb around the toes and then the whole bottom of my foot.
Not really numb though. It is sort of like when your hand “wakes up” after being numb.
If I get off my foot and flex it then it gets better.
I stand and walk all day.
Latley by noon I am in pain. I even change my shoes at lunch to help me get through the day.
It is very painfull to even touch my heels, and my ankles feel “jambed” Ouch….

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I recommend you see a podiatrist. This might be tarsal tunnel syndrome. The similar situation occurs in the hand called carpal tunnel syndrome. An examination would be indicated though.


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