Hi doctor, I am a former ballet dancer, retired for 9 years now. I know I did horrible things to my feet in those years, but it has all caught up to me with no warning and I am scared. Just over a week ago I woke up with severe pain in my left foot, it felt like a cramp or a pinch, like maybe the joint of my big toe needed to crack into place. In an attempt to walk off the pain I seem to have made it worse. I have been to three doctors now, one of them a podiatrist and still do not have a clear sense of specifically what is wrong but they are finding all kinds of things: tendonitis, nerve damage, problems with my seismoid bones, possible stress fracture and/or hairline fracture…all the result of previous trauma. In your opinion am I headed for surgery? Is there anything I can do to prevent that outcome?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Ask your doctor to consider some portable type of electrical stimulation, such as a TENS or SporTX.Have you used ice, topical anti-inflammatory creams or even specially compounded topical from a pharmacist who can put these together?


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