Help hip pain!!!!

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I have pain on my hip that hurts to touch and when i sit and get up it hurts. I can’t run and when I walk for more than 2k it starts to hurt again. I have seen a PT and she says that my sacroiliac joint is sprained due to a fall I had and I had this same injury before. The pain before was in my lower back and radiated down my legs not in my hip like this!!I am thinking about getting cortisone injection as strengthening and stretching is not working!! Anybody have suggestions on what this pain is and the right way to treat it??!!!!

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    The pain started after a fall in which I tore my left(the opposite side)quad and developed a hematoma at which time was splinted and I was on crutches for a few days. Then I went for a run and my hip started to hurt and it has ever since.


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    Did this start after anything in particular? If not, maybe it’s a spasm or triggerpoint. If you want immediat relief, then do the shot, but it’s a good possibility that the trouble will reoccur due to not attending to the muscle itself or altering whatever activities lead to the pain.
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