Help pain after Broken Heel

I Broke my heel and fractured my Talus back in 8/2013.
My heel was pinned back together back in September. Now I am unable to stay on my feet that long.
Grocery shopping is becoming a real challenge.
Most of the pain will start after I sit down.
Why does the foot hurt so much after I sit down.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    If I had the opportunity, I would want to x-ray your foot and possibly do a diagnostic ultrasound or MRI. I also would want to see you walk, see your shoes and ask a bunch of other pertinent questions.Unfortunately, you have suffered a very difficult injury and it might still be a while for it to feel better. If you can, you might consider seeing the doctor who treated the problem initially. If not ask around for a referral to someone else.You might check APMA’s site (apma) and search for a podiatrist in your area. Good luck


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