Help! pain is too high for shin and too low for LCL

I just started running 2 weeks ago and now I find I’m having pain in both leg in the same spot to the inside of the knee about an inch and a half below the joint. I can put my finger right on the spot that hurts, so its not a large area of pain. It hurt for the first quarter mile then subsides somewhat. I feel like the Tin-man from the wizard of Oz, maybe all I need is a little oil to the knees. I’m pretty sure its not a MCL or LCL thing, It may be a bone thing? anyone have any ideas?

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    The area that you are describing sounds like pain at the head of the tibia, which is where the MCL attaches. It may be that you have some infammation at this point, which seems rather likly because its bothering you on both legs. As far as treatment goes, I’d recommend RICE- rest, ice, compression, and elevation. I am rather fond of ice massage when treating my injuries. Take a papercup and put water in it and after it freezes, peel back the cup and rub on the area that hurts. Do this for 7-10 minutes 3 times per day. Hope this helps!



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