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about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I damaged my big toenail in a soccer game. Unfortunately I had an artificial nail put on, in which I think that contributed to the injury, and when I attempted to remove it to reduce the pain, I pulled off the artificial nail along with my own nail. I left it alone for a day or two jagged, soft, and partly detached from my nail bed, and then I cut the nail down when it turned hard to try to prevent some infection. I left the nail alone and I kept it clean for some weeks. Then, as it started detaching more I started to see a thin, green, ring outlining what was supposed to be the curved line/space at the base of the nail. (hopefully you know what im talking about :)) I tried scraping it off, but it didn’t help, so I just left it alone. Finally the nail turned completely greenish/black and detached (root and all) from my skin. Because I wanted to badly wear sandals, I applied a tip and some acrylic to the old nail, polished it and stuck the old nail back in my skin and glued it to my nail bed. Besides that being nasty, I was aware that it was unhealty, but I wanted my feet to look pretty. I can easily detach it, but my nail hasn’t grown in yet and I was wondering if my nail is ever going to grow back and if so, how can I speed up the process? Also, how can know if my skin is infected or not and how can I prevent it from infecting my new growth? Please respond!! Thanks!!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I can not tell if you have an infection or not without examining your foot. As a rule I do not recommend gluing artificial nails on toes. I have seen infections as a result of bacteria and fungi being trapped underneath and incubating in the warmth of shoes. What you are describing does not sound normal. I highly recommend you see a podiatrist for an evaluation and recommendations


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