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I have a Soccer tournament in 1 months time.

for the past 4-6 months I usually after playing soccer have a sharp pain on the knee cap, a bit more to the left side.

if I let it rest, it dies down tremendously and i have no problem running a bit, going up and downstairs, etc.

but when the problem comes back again, it hurts tremendously when playing the sport and it is almost impossible for me to go downstairs.Sometimes, it dosent even hurt at all when playing soccer! but usally, it does

my doctor said i may have a tear on the meniscus, but i wonder why then my knee cap hurts and not the usual sides of the knee when you have a tear on the meniscus.

I took iboprofen for 15 days and results appeared, but as soon as I played more than 3 games in 14 days it came back again…

any help or opinions on what i may have or something i would really appreciate!

thanks guys.

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    Thanks! I have been diagnosed with a innflammation of a plica in the ligaments around there…

    they gave a steroid shot, lets hope it heals totally!:)

    thanks!1 a

    ps. how is ur knee now?


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    Sounds similar to a patellar tracking problem I had in college while playing volleyball. The PTs prescribed quad sets (put a towel under your knee and try to crush it) and straight leg raises (leg lifts with your knee straight while lying on your back). Also, they had me stretch my IT Band out.

    Good luck!


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