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I am doing a project at school over hernia surgery and I was wondering what physical therapy would be advised after the surgery? Project is due tuesday!! Thanks


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    Hi Katie,
    Well, the first thing I would teach someone after hernia surgery is how to roll to the side and get up out of bed. I don’t want the person geting up out of bed by sitting up because it puts to much strain on the surgical sight and could cause rupture of the sutures. I don’t do any exercises with them that contract the abdominal muscles for about 6-8 weeks. Mostly the exercises I would instruct them in are the ones that keep their joints moving and prevent contractures. For instance.. I would tell them to move there head up and down and side to side…shoulder shrugs, lift their arms up and out to the side. When lying down they can bend their knee and straighten it. I would not teach them leg lifts just yet because they have to use their abs. The exercises I’m describing here are the ones I would teach the day after surgery. Does your project specify the amount of time after the surgery? Hope this helped.


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    If I could ask something on this one: I am set to have this surgery very soon. I was told that it would be normal to return to work after two weeks but given no information on the therapy one should go through for this two weeks immediately following surgery. Also, you stated that you would not do any exercises with them that would contract the abdominal muscles for about 6-8 weeks. I will be walking approximately 100-125 yards from a parking lot to my workplace which is primarly a desk job. At the end of 6 weeks I will be back to my job which entails a lot of travel; e.g., climbing up steps of aircraft, lugging suitcases, etc. Should I be doing something to prepare for this. Any information would be appreciated.


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