Herniated Disc

My fiance went to a chiropractor saying he had herniated discs. One is pinched and the other compacted, in his lower back. One of his legs also about an inch shorter than the other.
We are NOT rich by any means and his insurance only covers $400 a calendar year for chiropractic services. After it runs out the visits are $56 each and this guy wants him to come in 2-3 times a week!! That would break us completely!
I told him to ask if an inversion table would help, even 5 mins a day and he said no.
I find that hard to believe my back feels wonderful when I use one and have minor back pains.
We can MAYBE afford to send him once a week, but still that’s hurting our finances as it is.
What can we do? Thanks so much, any answer is helpful at this point. Tina SwaneyAnchorage, AK

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    What kind of symptoms does your fiance have? An MRI is really only the way you can see if in fact he has a herniated disc. I can’t really blame the chiropractor as his fees sound reasonable and so does his treatment plan. Typical initial treatment plan for a patient with herniated disc is daily to 3X week for 16 weeks. Then treatment would decrease. Maybe go in for adjustments only that is typically 30-40 a treatment. What all is included in the treatment?


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