Hi I'm toomuch I have back pain

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I injured my back 2 years a go and I still have too much Pain. I was bucked off a horse and when I hit the ground I jacked knifed and facture the vertabrea L2 but all the mucsals too. I have had trouble with some of the doctors,, finding out what is really going on, and why so much pain. The last has said there is nerve damage and maybe a problem with one joint in the hip. It has been a long and lonely road, I have trouble walking sitting and bending. Haven’t been able to do much at all. ai would like meet some one who may be facing the same troubles and how they are working through them.

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    [Dear Too Much,
    Have you tried floatation therapy? You lie down inside a large tub that’s supersaturated with Epsom salt so that you float like a cork. That takes the weight off your back and should allow healing to take place much faster. Well, that’s the theory. So far I have heard of it working on much milder cases. But it’s worth checking out.


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    Sorry to hear about your injury! Take a look at my messages to Charles and Gayle about my experiences finding a sports orthopedic surgeon for my achilles tendon and a physical therapist for my lower back. I hope my experiences will be able to help you! I know how painful lower back injuries can be!

    Good luck!

    — Ed


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