High Arches/Surgery

My 14 yr old son has suffered foot pain & tendonidis since birth. Has worn orthodics, casted off & on, at 10 a doctor wanted to tear his achilis in 3 places to stretch them (I said no), etc. I kept him out of PE until now. It’s his 9th gr year & he is playing football and can’t even walk from the pain. I took him to my podiatrist at Kaiser who has helped me.
He says he needs surgery to lower his arches. He is 6’3″, 220lbs & still growing. (checked his growth plate) His foot is totally locked up. Won’t even go to a nutural position no matter how hard we push. He can’t take the pain any longer. He loves playing football & is good at it. Will he be able to play sports after this type of surgery? What can go wrong with this surgery?

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    I have been diagnose with a high arch what type opf surgery will I have to under go!!!!


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