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As a child I had to wear special shoes.
They said it was so that I wouldn’t have flat arches.
Also my ankles were sort of “loose” so I could walk on the sides of my feet.
Anyway, I’m 50 now and the problem is that my arches are so high I have trouble finding shoes.
Can you explain what they might have been thinking making me wear those shoes?
I have short 5th metatarsals and a lump on top of my left foot at the top of the arch.
My toes, however, are straight.
My feet are also very wide.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Contrary to a widely held belief, shoes did not do all the miraculous things that the salesmen told our parents. Being that they were children of the Depression, they prided themselves on giving their children the “best shoes.” I heard this frequently from my parents. The shape of your foot is something you are born with. Heresity plays a major part in that. Don’t get too concerned about the shoes you wore as a child. At least they weren’t bound like the ancient Chinese did to their aristocratic women!


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    : I suffer from severe back pain I have been told To wear orthheel not sure if thats the correct spelling but it’s a insole that is raised on oneside to support the arch of my foot it gives some relif but I still find it difficult to walk any distance can yo give me some advice Tom Byrne Norfolk England


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