Hip discomfort

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I would appreciate some advice or ideas.

My hip has bothered me off and on for a couple years.

Some tenderness at the left side of the hip and also what feels like a “bunching up” of the tendons on the front of the hip. The tendons seem to knot when the leg bends at the hip (left side only).

I lift weights regularly and this problem seems to reappear when I do squats. So don’t do squats, right? I’ve been lifting for 20+ years so I don’t want to quit.

I’ve been to an orthopedist who took xrays of my hips and they look fine. He wasn’t sure what the problem was and said to rest. I rested and the situation improved but returned again.

Is this a flexibility problem?

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    Could be that you have locked the pelvic joint up, usually caused by sudden movement. Your legs only pivot about 30 degrees, the rest comes from the pelvis. If you have locked this joint, then pain occurs. I have had this problem several times, and needed the joint to be freed up by my osteopath (quite painless).
    You can diagnose by seeing whether both pelvic joints, left and right, are level.
    Lie flat and put one finger on each, and if one finger is closer to your chin …..!


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    See a chiropractor. I had similar problems develop after a bad mountain biking crash. Thought I was healed up well, but when I lifted my leg so that might quad/hip was passed about 50 degrees, I’d experience some pretty intense pain. Anyway, first visit to the chiro he was able to detect my problem. A couple adjustments to the specific hip/pelvis area, and I’m a new man. And this was done about 6 months after the original injury. Worth a try for you at least. Just make sure it’s a good chiropractor, not just a neck cracker…



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    Hi LifterB:

    I was just curious if your hip situation has improved. I have the exact same problem and feel hip discomfort when doing squats and deadlifts. I think I developed this pain from doing sumo-styled deadlifts.

    I have been lifting for about 14 years and find it hard to sit and rest. It’s frustrating. I am now 37 and my body is giving out on me.

    If you or anyone else has made progress in resolving this situation, please let me know.

    Kind regards,


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