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I have been having hip flexor problems for years, but today it seems extremely painfully with pain running down my left buttock and down my left leg. I am currently unde chiropractic care with a visit once a month. While at work, I find Tylenol works, as does a pain relief cream. My question is, am I better off with this cream that gives off heat, or is ice the way to go? Thank you for your help.

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear Abe,Your symptoms sound like you have sciatica which is stemming from a lower back disc problem. You likely need more frequent chiropractic treatment. Your problem sounds like it is worsening and you should be careful not to use medication to mask the pain. Your pain is your body`s way of telling you there is something wrong. Pain also signals there is inflammation. Use ice to reduce the inflammation which will help ease the pain. But be aware if the pain is reduced the underlying problem still exists and should be corrected by a Chiropractor.Fell free to visit our web site to have more answers at your questions. Kind regards, Dr Anthony Gambale, Curve Solutions Team 877-602-7248


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