Hip Flexor/Groin Pain

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Well where do i start….

About 5 weeks ago i developed a pain/ache in my hip flexor area. This happened during a week off work. I dont remember doing anything that would cause this pain & it didnt appear through a strain that i would remember. I noticed it whilst trying to get up from sitting on the floor, it was aching & had been aching throughout the day, but when i got up, i got a sharp jab of pain from the hipflexor area. This has since then persisted for the last five weeks & doesnt seem to be getting any better.
I work as a Fitness Instructor and teach Step, Body Pump and Spinning. I can feel it whilst teaching step, body pump i have only felt the whole hip get tighter these last few weeks and i dont feel it at all during spinning.

When getting in to the car, i find it more comfortable to assist my leg in and out as i can feel it pulling while i do so.
Whilst sitting, i can push on the tendons in my hipflexor area and thats where im feeling the pain but it aches in my adductor muscle and outer hip area. Pulling my knees together i experience pain.
Whislt laying on the floor stretching i cannot do a hip stretch without feeling discomfort and also bringing the knees in to the chest is where i feel pain the most. During some abductor moves i get a clicking sound inthe hip which also causes discomfort.

Any ideas as to what i have done, what i need to do to treat it and how long will it take to heal?? Cheers

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    Hey everyone, i read these messages and my problem is very similar. i play ice hockey and 3 days ago i started feeling a twinging pain in my hip flexor area. i can;t quite pinpoint the injury to a certian time but i boggle my mind since i always stretch very well. i am thinking the inbalance bewteen my thighs and hips might be the problem. i fear my thighs are far stronger. does anyone have any suggestions for exercises to increase my hip strength so it can match my quad strength? i hope everyone feels better soon. being in pain is not fun.


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    Hi there, thanks for the replies. I have recently stopped exercising to see if this will help and so far it seems to be working. Im only getting the twinges every so often but i am worried that if it is an imbalance, as Montagirl suggests, that it may return when i start exercising again. Im just getting over a bad cold so when i feel better im going to start training again and see what happens. It could be a result of all the training i have done of late and certain muscles have become over used. Keep in touch with how things develope for you guys and lets see if we can get this sorted. )


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    Hi folks
    Have just registered on this site as I seem to have developed some kind of injury recently. HAving looked at your posts it sounds like my problem is quite similar both of yours. I started running about a year ago and then did nothing over winter. Picked up again a few monhts ago and my groin muscles (right at the top of them) were alway the thing that hurt at the end of the run. Then that subsided and i started getting pain on the ouside of my hips while running. That’s been bothering me for a few weeks now but thought it would be fine, so ran a 10k race at the weekend and had a really bad time as both of these areas got really sore.

    Today (run was yesterday) they are both SO sore and having to lift legs out of car etc like you.

    I’m actually going for a sports massage tonight i think with the friend who does them but if he can’t help do you think it’s best to go to a GP first and get referred to a physiotherapist or just go to one at a sports centre/clinic?

    Thanks for your help!



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    So sorry to hear about your injury! I have a similar situation with my hip – as well as chronic IT band problems.

    I had the same sensation when getting into and out of the car – as if it were better if I lifted my leg out/in rather than relying on the irritated muscles/tendons to do the work. Do you have the same pain with stepping into your pants when getting dressed?

    My PT worked on my hip the other day and she isolated the insertion point of one or more of the quads. The tendons are irritated, but at the same time the quads are overpowering the action of the hip flexors – probably the illacus.

    Visit the doctor and then find the best Physical Therapist you can find and have him/her figure out if there is an imbalance between those muscles. If they are doing work in an atypical way, you can develop some pretty serious imbalances – especially since you are working while injured.

    Ice would probably feel good – and you kind of have to wedge an ice pack into that area. Take it easy – take more time off if you can. You need to heal. Good luck.


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