Hip Flexor/Snapping Hip problems. Please help.

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Hey everyone, i’ve got a pretty serious problem and I was hoping someone on this forum has either knowledge of this problem, or experienced it themselves.

In November 2004 I injured myself playing soccer. The injury was a moderate soreness and a sting on the inside of my right hip. It was caused from simply too many corner kicks one specific practice. (I’m usually a defender so the corner kick “motion” was somewhat unknown to my legs/hips) and my doctor diagnosed the injury as a Hip Flexor strain.

I rested for a couple of weeks, iced my hip, took ibuprofen, and went to physical therapy where I basically had electro-stim and ultrasound applied with stretching until the pain subsided. I finished playing the season with 2 weeks remaining and only mild tenderness.

I basically have been resting it for the entire month of December and am begining to condition myself for my school’s tryouts in February. The pain is back. The pain is less severe now but there is a loud snapping noise coming from the inner right hip. I can make it snap/pop intentionally by raising my knee to a 90 degree angle with my torso, and then lowering it and arching my back.

I understand this could be Snapping Hip Syndrome. I am now seeing a different physical therapist who is providing me with strength stretches, electro-stim, and ultrasound, with additional deep-tissue massage.

Now my questions to you:
1) Do you believe that I have Snapping Hip Syndrome?
2) Is my physical therapist doing everything he should be? if no, what else?
3) Do you think that surgery is a possible solution in my situation because of a possible problem with the iliopsoas tendon?
4) Will an X-Ray reveal anything? (I have had one taken but my doctor has not contacted me)

Any light you can shed on my situation would be GREATLY appreciated. I would be more than happy to anwser any questions you have.


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    Hey Beth, Thanks for the reply.

    My x-ray turned up nothing. So stress fractures and “tendon catching on boney part of hip” can now be ruled out.

    That brings the list of suspects to:
    -Adductor Strain
    -Iliopsoas Strain/Bursitis
    -The mysterious Snapping Hip Syndrome

    I have been taking ibuprofen like M&Ms and have been resting and stretching so inflammation is basically out of the question as well.

    I skied on it for 4 days in canada with no irritation whatsoever. But when I walk in the cold it becomes very tight and is uncomfortable. My first soccer training is this thursday, I will update then.

    Thanks again for your help,


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    Hi Zach:

    I am an ex-gymnast, and currently taking taekwondo. I also have four children. I believe that the combination of constant hard training may have caused my hip and shin problems.

    You seem to be more knowledgable then me, but I thought I’d let you know you’re not alone. I too have the snapping, or popping in my hip, (left). I had an exray which revealed nothing. My shin is more painful so that’s what I’m conentrating on now. I hope that your doctor can come up with a diagnosis and treatment. Let us know.



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