Hip Injury

I’m 17 and particapate in sports like running, cycling and judo. A few weeks ago I suffereed a hip injury, which started off as mild. I kept exercising and iced it afterewards as well as taking brufen. It continued to get worse. I then stopped exercising for a few weeks it went away. I started running again and it came back. It only effects me when running.

It hurts most when my leg isn’t in line with my body, like when turning corners. If I stop running for a few days it will cease hurting, but when I start running again it deteriorates. The pain occurs on the outside of hip near the joint.

P.S. no area of my hip is sore to touch

Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Kane, I think I have exactly the same problem as you. It also started when I was 17 (I’m 19 now) I managed to get it to go away for a year by stopping running for a couple of months, but it just came back. It’s got so bad that I haven’t been running for a bit over a year now. I’ve been going to an osteopath every week for 6 months, been seen by about 6 different doctors/physios/osteopaths, and its simply not getting better. This injury has got me ever so slightly angry now.
    I just want to get a few things straight and see if it really is the same thing – did it just start for no apparent reason, and gradually get worse? What side is it on, mines on the right. Do you ever find that if you have to stand up and be still for a long time it starts to hurt too?

    If you do find something that helps it get better, please post it on this forum cos I’m really running out of ideas of things to try.


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