Hip injury in EMT

Hi, I’m 33 y/o female EMT. In July I was working, my partner and I were loading a patient on our truck, unknowingly with a stretcher that was going to colapse when raised into the loading position. When this happened, I was jerked to the ground on my left knee, my right leg went to the side, spared from injury. I caught all the weight from the stretcher, my patient, and myself on my left knee, which suprisingly, had no injury. I was examined by ER DO and was told that I had a hip dislocation and pelvis dissociation. After several months of being off work, in severe pain, and several tests performed, I was told that I had “bursitis” and tissue detoriation, and was given a steriod injection. The injection lasted barely more than a week. When I returned, I was scheduled for a new bone scan and new MRI. Finally got the results of this and was told that I have a labial tear in the cartlidge in my hip. I spoke with a physician friend of mine and they are telling me that I will probably never be able to return to my previous job or a job that requires lifting more than 20 pounds, I was forced to quit Paramedic school because of this. Has anyone out there ever had this, heard of this and been healed of this problem???? This has destroyed my life, and the only help my employeer has been to me is to try to keep me from drawing compensation, has NEVER called me to ask how I am doing or if they can help in anyway. Please advise, I just want the life back that I had, I’m tired of sitting home all the time because I can’t walk more than 20-30 minutes and I’m tired of living on pain medicine. Thanks in advance….

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