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A soccer player i’m treating is complaining of pain over his hip area. After assessing him it was apparent he had tight hip rotators. Also his foot on the affected side is more externally rotated than the other. He experienced slight pain in glut region on resisted hip abduction and resisted internal hip rotation. I gave him 5 treatments, mainly working on Glut medius. He felt 100% better for about 2 weeks but now hip starting to give him pain again. He trains 3 nights a week on astro turf and has a game every weekend. Can anyone think of anything i might have missed or do you think he’ll need constant treatment for the duration of the soccer season due to the amount of training he’s doing on hard ground. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks A

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    Could he have a labral/labrum tear in his hip? I had similar symptoms and this turned out to be the main problem for which I had surgery after MRI confirmed it. In my case I also had a hamstring tendon enthesopathy & bony irregularity at the ischial tuberosity confirmed via MRI & then ultrasound for a full picture.


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