hip pain

For the past few days I have experienced what feels like a muscle strain on my right hip (anterior and posterior) deep inside. The “pulling” sensation is only evident when I place the majority of my weight on my left leg and then my entire right hip (mostly posterior) is quite sore. I do sit cross-legged much of the time but the pain is not noticeable when I sit in that positon or when rising from that position. Pain is only noticeable when bearing weight on opposite leg.Any stretching exercises would be appreciated. Sitting in a bath seems to alleviate some of the pain. Ibuprofen dulls it slightly but not completely.

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    May PT

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    I’m thinking you are on the younger side since you are still able to sit cross legged. Do you do sports? You could have an overuse injury, hairline fracture of maybe a strain. How about seeing a doc just to at least rule out something serious. Once a fracture, tumor or any other “bad” thing is ruled out then I would recommend stretching your hip.


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