Hip Pain and Leg problems

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A slightly weird problem I think and a little embarrassing. I experience increasingly painful cramps in the hip area (either right or left) quite regularly after a couple of minutes intercourse where I’m lying on my back with my legs rotated outwards and stretched apart. I have to move the leg quickly to stop the pain getting worse and it usually goes away pretty quickly. Any ideas why this might be happening?? Also – in the last couple of weeks I have often found when standing up from a sitting position that my right leg is completely numb and I am unable to walk on it. I’ve nearly fallen over several times. After the feeling has come back (within a few minutes) I have tingling and a hot feeling radiating from my hip region down the leg.

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    I cannot sleep on either side because of the pain in my hips and sometimes have to sit down because my right hip will pop out of place. I am only 20 and have had no injuries. I have really bad knees as well, always popping loudly or giving out. What is the most likely problem? What should I do?


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    Hip pain that seems to also go into the groin area of the leg.


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