Hip Pain – Any Ideas????

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I am been suffering pain in my hip for a few months now.

(I would usually ignore aches and pains like this until they clear up, but this one isn’t clearing up. And due to my shoulder only being a so called ache and pain, but then one day becoming much worse. I have now learnt to worry about these things before they become serious!)

I was just doing a gentle warm up which involved a little jogging and some stretching. I was very stiff the next day around my hips. This usual and thought nothing of it.
But as the stifness wore off another pain came through, like a damaged or torn muscle as apposed to a stiff one!
I let it clear up, and it did get much better until it was nearly gone. But it won’t go completely and keeps coming back to the extent that it hurts to walk or lean to the left while seated.

The pain is on the inside of my pelvic crest.
If you put a finger on your hip and then move it down towards the floor, it will run over a lump that sticks out. It is when I push up on the inside of this bone, from undernieth that hurts. There is a precise point on the bone that hurts which is only about a centermeter wide and very sensitive.
But it hurts when the muscles in that area are tensed. If I put weight on that leg and push my hip outwards it makes it much worse.

I find that it seems to be jogging that is flareing it up. I don’t mean I go out jogging as I would stop doing that to rest it, but just if I jog 2 mins to the shops, or to not get wet when it’s raining. It doesn’t hurt while I jog, but if I have jogged usualy within a few hours I have difficulty walking normally as it hurts.

Anyone got any ideas what it could be? Bone? Tendon? Ligament? Muscle?
I cant’ find anything on this site that it might be!
Any sugestions greatly welcomed. I am currently seeing a Physio, but as this is a seperate ailment I would need to go back to my GP for a reffural and wait 2-3 months, or pay for an extra session privatly, which I only want to do if it’s neccesary. So I have not asked about it. YET!!!

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    Thanks Runnerchick.
    I am seeing my Physio on Thursday (about my shoulder) and I will ask her then about it. I’ve just been putting it off as I always have so much wrong with me, I only do something about it when it becomes unbearable. Alot of these niggly things are just there and clear up without too much pain so can be ignored, this is now getting to the worrying stage!!
    Thanks again.


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    I read somewhere, I’m not sure if it was on this message board or not, about this one person who’d had hip pain for over a year. She’d been referred to a physio and ended up finding that it was a stress fracture.

    I would definately consider having a bone scan to rule out the possiblity of a stress fracture since you have point-tenderness. I’m not quite sure of any other injuries to the hip that fit your description.

    I started track about a month and a half ago and I’ve been having chronic hip pain. My sports medicine doctor said that it was because of the turns of the track.

    Anyhow, I hope that you can figure out what is going on with your hip. Keep me posted on what you find out…



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