Hip pain? ITB??????

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After about 6 months of waiting to see if the pain in my hip will go away I have decided to get it checked out.

The waiting time for Physio is about 12 weeks (3 months!!!!!!!!) and so in mean time I am trying to figure out what it might be. Anybody got any ideas???????

The pain is on the inside of my hip bone. It’s very specific, if I push an area about a cm it hurts alot.
It is light jogging that hurts it, but not at the time. When I say light I mean jogging 2 mins down the road not miles!!I feel no pain while I jog or shortly after, but within a few hours it becomes painful even to walk.

I had found on another site some information on the Quadratus lumborum muscle, this apparently runs from your hip to your rib and has the job of lifting your hip. All the symtoms seem to match.

BUT….I just looked up some info on the ITB band. This appears to cause pain the knee, (which I do suffer if I jog for longer, but I as I am not a jogger it very rarely bothers me!)
What I am wondering is could the pain in my hip be caused by this band?
It appears to join to the hip at about the right place, and the stretch you do for that injury pulls directly where my hip hurts?????

Should I try doing this stretch?
Obviously only gently, and as far as it goes without too much pain.

Any thoughts anyone has would be gratefully recieved.

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    Hi there,

    Just a quick update. I saw my Physio today about my hip.
    She thinks it is the IT band. Well….sort of, it’s the bit that joins onto it at the top. I can’t remember what she called it, but it joins at the front of the hip and then joins into the IT band.

    So all I need to do is stretch it!

    I have to wait a few days before I do this as it’s very painfull at the moment!
    (I decided to go for a run yesterday so as to flair it up a little before my app. today so she could actually see it while it was hurting!!!!
    It did the trick. OUCH!!!! Mad I know)

    Hopefully now I know what it is, understand what’s causing it and what I need to do to help it, it won’t become a big problem!
    (Wish I’d done the same about my shoulder before that went!! 🙁 Oh well we learn from experience.)

    Thanks everyone who offered any advise or comments.



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    hey sarah,
    the QL muscle runs from the top of the iliac crest to the ribs, from what you describe the pain is more inside of the pelvis?
    if it is, a muscle that might be involved is the iliopsoas, as part of that muscle (the iliacus) has its origin there and inserts on the inside of the femur?? dont know if that will help, but there are lots of stretches for that one…
    As far as the pains your describing, sounds like they are starting from the bottom up, meaning that you might have a gait problem that is causing all these other pain and injuries. again, just a guess, hope some of this helps!


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    Thanks for the reply.
    Yes I have seen a doctor but she made no comment on what it could be, just refured me to Physio. Like I said that’s nearly a 3 month wait!!!

    No my leg isn’t tender. The reason I thought it might be the IT band was because if run more than about a mile my knees hurt on the outside. (I always thought this was just arthritis) I figured that if that was due to my IT band maybe it’s also pulling at the other end too! If you see what I mean?

    I have done some more searching, and the other thing that looks possible is a hip pointer. But I have not found any information on whether the pain with that injury is on the top of the iliac crest or undernieth. My Pain is up underneith on the inside of the iliac crest!

    Anyway, I just thought I’d try and figure it out while waiting for my Physio app. to come through. Then I might have been able to help it a little in the meantime.

    Thanks again for the reply.


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    could it be a hip bursitis? Did you see a doctor yet or is that a 3 month wait. How about at some sports clinics, do they offer free injury assessments? IT band runs from your hip to knee. Are you tender along the outside of your leg?


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