Hip popping

I’m three months pregnant and have had for the last three weeks or so everytime I step down with my left foot I feel/hear a popping on the inside of my left hip bone, what feels like almost the center of my body at the hip bone level.
Meanwhile, on the right side I frequently have a numbing sensation starting from my buttock (right) all the way to my calf that lasts for normally an hour or so and causes cramping of my ovary area on the right side as well.
It’s obvious I must be out of alignment, but I don’t know what could have caused such a huge change. During a car accident while 9 1/2 months pregnant with my first daughter (8 years ago) I had car accident that caused a separation of my pelvic bone (is what I recall them saying) where I couldn’t walk it was like my legs were connected to my hips in a synchronized motion. Anyway im wondering if my hips are expanding naturally but causing me major problems where I’m not going to be able to walk after another few months….

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    Go to the chiropractor and get checked out. When you are pregnant, the body secretes hormones to help ligments relax and stretch. In some people this can cause instability.


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